Simplify Maintenance Management.

Cloud based Maintenance Management Solution

Reduce upfront capital expenses on technology infrastructure. Avoid expensive software license buys and higher operational costs.    Pay as you Grow.

Flexible Assets Hierarchy

Build your Facilities, Equipments and Spares hierarchy to suit your unique needs. MaintWiz supports nested assets hierarchy and has options to manage Instruments,  Tools, Rotating Assets and Spares.

Powerful and feature rich.

Generate work orders, service orders, calibration orders now or schedule them based on calendar, condition or event occurrence.    Whether you have 5 or 500 assets, our smart start lets you start quickly.

Mobile enablement at point of work

Built to support a Mobile workforce.   Intuitive and context aware mobile applications custom built to improve operational staff’ productivity.  Get more work done in less time.

Zero Downtime

High Availability

Say good bye to ad hoc process. MaintWiz’s tools help you plan and deploy a robust maintenance solution.  Embrace the best practices and achieve zero downtime.

Higher Utilization

Measure, Improve and Manage your Maintenance activities.  Employ automation to get alerts well before breakdowns.   Maximize asset utilization for better return on investments.

Higher Productivity

Deliver the digital power to your service personnel.  Bring them access to designs, manuals and record keeping at their point of work.  See them deliver more, with less.

Longer Equipment Life

Track the equipment health through its life.  Analyze the root cause when it breaks.  Avoid recurrence.    Extend your equipment life through timely maintenance.


Digitize Your Maintenance with Ease

No complications

No installation.  No upfront costs. No exit costs.  Access the full application on the cloud.  And pay as you go.

Easy Access

Access anytime, anywhere from your favorite desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Bring IT to the point of work. Easy.

Easy to Use

Intuitive interfaces that mimic real life operations.  No manuals.  No training.  You know it.

Easy Deploy – Go Live NOW

Freedom from Long Implementation Cycles. Upload Excel with Asset details and Generate Work Orders instantly.
Easy as 1-2-3.

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Management Dashboard

Maintenance Information in your Language

Discover Maintenance Information 2.0.  Get routine maintenance transactions translated to management metrics.  Set goals and track maintenance tasks.

Information on Demand

No more paper trail. No more fragmentation of information. MaintWiz helps you to digitize Maintenance information and make it available at your finger tips.

Leverage the Power of Information

With a click of a button, you’ll see goals vs achievement, trends, upcoming calendar, cost of maintenance, energy savings and more.  All in one place.  Available 24 Hours.

Window to Maintenance World

Maintenance is no more an alien world.   Available on tap, on your Mobile device.  With MaintWiz, you can visualize your entire maintenance operations.


Simple to Use


  • One Page Setup

    Setting up new events is a breeze. Launch each project in minutes, all from one screen.

  • No Installation

    Try the full product online instantly – The first 30 days are free.

  • No Training Required

    Intuitive interfaces include only features you need, so you always know where you are and where you’re going. No need to read a manual or sit through training.

Enterprise Grade Solution


All your data is secure and accessible only by your authorized personnel. Strict access control mechanisms are in place with fine grained entitlements.


Scale up easily by adding more locations, plants, equipments, vendors and more assets. Grow painlessly with MaintWiz.


Cloud hosting allows your business to avoid hassles with usage spikes, equipment failures, power outages, and disasters.

Best Practices

Standardize the response. Institutionalize the learnings from past incidents. Roll out the best practices. Get MaintWiz. Do more with less.

Peace of Mind Sourcing

Manage User Access

Designate your own admins to oversee activity on behalf of your company. Manage user access and roles all from one panel.

128-bit SSL Encryption

All connections are encrypted over 128-bit SSL. Extended validation allows users to easily identify Scout’s authenticity every time they visit our site.

Human Support

When and how you need it. Need help? Contact the Scout support staff via in-app messaging, chat, our 1-800 number, or email. You decide.